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Vertical Garden Planter
Vertical Garden Planter
Vertical Garden Planter
Vertical Garden Planter
Integrated plant box design, you can freely plant your favorite plants and flowers in the frame, and enjoy the fun of wall gardening.
Vertical Garden Planter
It is a new fashion design of wall decoration, combined with the flower arrangement, perfectly reflects the artistic flowers in the frame.
Test Tube Planter
Home aquaponics system is a new design concept product, which perfectly combines aquarium and planting, decorate your home.
Home Aquaponics
This series is a total open platform for your creation, you can design various kind of green frame based on Art Plant Frame.
DIY Frame
DIY Frame
DIY Frame
Artificial Plant Frame
This series is a total open platform for your creation, you can design various kind of green frame based on Art Plant Frame.
DIY Artificial Plants
Buckle mini plants are fashionable decorations that have emerged in recent years, with rich colors and unique shapes.

Founded in 2002, Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co.,LTD is the manufacturer for plastic injection in garden and aquarium area from China. Our factory is located in Shanghai, China.

 Please feel free to look at our brief History and what we have done during the last few years.


Start from 1993, A small factory specializing in making iron mould for plastic injection. At that time,it was a very tired and difficult job for first Generation.


Enlarge the business to plastic injection, start to produce accessories for aquariums, pets and protective and garden equipment for several large factories. We call OEM production.


With the help of the new investor and many efforts of the second generation, we successfully moved to a larger place in Fengxian district, Shanghai. We have a first formal company name, Shanghai Luby International co.,ltd. Since 2002, we Start to research and produce some equipment for pet and fish, garden products.


In 2006, We set up equipment for reptiles. We are one of the top three reptile equipment suppliers in China. 


Start from 2010, we set up a e-commerce web shop, specially sell equipment for aquariums and pond and reptiles online. 


With the huge competition in above area, We want to enlarge the business range to indoor garden. In early 2016, we successfully design a new kind of changable art plant frame. 

meanwhile, we set up machines, to make this new inovation products. And we have successfuly exported to  Germany, Australia, Romania, Poland....


We found people prefer real plant and flower,  so we make a little change from the art plant frame, we call flower frame. Just move the  vase on the wall, try to make the flower looks more elegance in our frame. This new design really win the heart of women.


We design a new plant box frame for real plant, which can be watered by a timer pump. We are the first and only factory to make it.


Although virus COVID-19 spead all over the world, we still develop ourselves a new plant filter for home aquaponics,  with nearly 20 years experience in aquarium indurstries, we think it is a good idear to do some good for both fish and plant. We are sure people all over the world will pay more attention on climate weather after COVID-19, plant filter can absorb dirts of fish and CO2, that is really very good for the environment.

 "Go back to nature!" is our core concept since 2002. We will insist this concept forever.

Above new products all designed and produced by ourselves, Now we are also looking for the distributor. If you are interested,  we can also invite you to visit our factory in Shanghai.