Who We Are

Started from 2002, Shanghai Luby Pet Industries Co, LTD was the manufacturer of injection plastic parts and professional supplier of aquarium, reptile, and garden fields from China. During the last 15 years, we have been exported our products of more than 20 countries all over the world. Our terminal customers are mainly aquarium and nature lovers. But with increasing radiation and pollution of many electronic products, our eyes are suffered from the screen of the computers or mobile phones. So the greenery products are becoming popular all over the world. Then our team decided to turn to this new industries after 2015. 

In early 2015, We had a customer, he hoped us invent a decorative terrarium which can be hung on the wall. But at that time, we realized that it is difficult to do because it was too heavy if whole product combines with plant, water and ornaments, it was not safe enough for home use, and difficult to maintain. It might also damage the wall because of its humidity. However, at that time, we found that artificial green wall will be more convenient, they had the same effect to make people feel comfortable and happy. Also, it could save more energy and time. Especially, It was a good green product which is favourable to human eyes and make people happy and bright. Scientists also said that people can make longer life if lives in the green environment. 

In 2016 we dedicated to develop and produce "removable 3D metope garden panel" . We hoped to bring this healthy green wall to the market. We call it "3D metope garden panel ". Our concept is: closer to nature, better for life.

By the end of 2018, those panels are sold well in several countries. Most customers can easily accept this new concept and products after they read the instructions.

At the beginning of 2019, We luckily found that some plant can be survival well on the wall of less water and light. Their strong life really inspires us a lot. So we decided to invent a new kind of plant box to hold strong life plants. After several months hard work, we successfully designed it. After a lot of test, It is really good to install on our panels and the system works well with water. It is really a new gem combined with art and nature. We call it "3D living plant Panel". 

So we really think that a 3D metope garden panel is more than just a piece of nature world in your living room ! It is exciting, instructive and a real healthy panel that can be alive and constantly changing. Children learn from nature and adults get an exciting alternative to the evening television program, cell phones or computers. Metope garden panels are not labour-intensive, as many people don't know about it or even mistakenly believe ! Today, we invent and improve the panels to makes constantly changing, maintenance simple and space-saving. Please feel free to find out everything about this beautiful panel from us.​

Why We Do

When I walk deep into the forest, greenery plants and beautiful scenery always make me feel like in the paradise. So I always have a dream that it would be amazing if I can take forest into the white wall at home , and I can enjoy it everyday. But I find it is very difficult for most plants to be survival on internal walls. Even we see some vertical garden plants for outdoor landscape , we found it really need labour-intensive maintenance. It is OK for landscape projects, but not good for the wall at home. Then how to make the small dream come true ? 

Our elders invented the beautiful artificial plant many years ago, that is really a good optional, but it is dead, no vitality. Most people like alive plants. After I research, I found that it is easy for some species of stronge-life plant to be survival on the wall, while other plants are impossible to be survival or need labour-intensive maintenance . So I invented a new 3D metope garden panel which combine the real plant and artificial plant to make my small dream come true. Today 's technology is fast developed, my invent is simple but could be workable. My concept is that people can easily make their own greenery on my panels, whatever for real plant or artificial plant. Because I deeply believe that different people have different beauty-appreciation. The greenery can be not only constantly changing, real plant living, easy maintenance, But also it could be a good greenery decoration for wall and good for people 's eye and mood.... As a inventor and producer, I really hope my small innovation will be valuable for the world one day in the near future. Thank you.

---- This is a small dream from Richard Li

Product Advantage

1. We usually supply equipment and ornaments for aquariums,terrariums, pond. such as artificial water plant, resin ornaments, stones, sink wood...... Customers want to make their aquariums more naturally. Or they have the dreams to go back to nature. However, when they put those ornaments into the aquariums, they will become dirty and dirty, even lose the color. And it is not easy to maintain. Two month later, they have to throw them out. So we think if we put these artificial plant, and other ornaments on the walls. then it will be great.

2. Actually, as we all know, it is hard to survive for the many living plants for indoor room. We have much bad experiences to have some real and beautiful plants, and die after several weeks. Now most people is busy for works, they don't have enough time to take care the living plants. But most people like green plants. They can make them relax. So we think artificial plant is better for indoor room use. Until 2019, we invented and designed a new kind of plant box for this panel, it is also more easy for customers to grow some plants with strong life. If some customers have some time to maintain living plants. It is also a good option for them.

3. When we are in the room, we find the surface of the wall is the biggest area in home. So we think metope decoration is the  large potential demand of home decoration. If we put artificial plant on the wall. That's a great decoration. To be hung on the wall can also save space for home. And we can get best angle of view to green plants.

4. luckily, we invent a new fixing system for artificial plant hanging on the wall, (we have patent for this new invention ). All plants and decoration can be easily replaced and removable by customers. People just design and change the positions of the plants on the wall by themselves, then they can create a completely new style pattern to relax and enjoy yourself. To meet some customers' dream for living plants, we also invent a kind of plant box systems. It is much easier, but workable for panels for living plant.

5. We suggest DIY panels for priority optional. Because different people have different beauty-appreciation. and our panels can be constantly changing, real plant living, easy maintenance.

6. We succeed in aquarium and terrarium fields during last 15 years. We found these two industries are similar. They both belong the ornament decoration for home. We believe the 3D removable artificial pant wall will be popular in soon. Their style and design can be interactive with seasons, festivals, even cultures,  only if you want to change it each month, just like do some funny gardening on the wall.

7. This is not only a home decoration. It really good for our body, especially for human eyes. Many scientist have mentioned it on many famous magazines.

In short, we have lot of reason, logic and belief to make it to be the best in this field. Our team will work hard and try our best to realize the dream. If you are interested in any of our products or services, please feel free to contact us directly or via email for further information. Or you can also feel free to visit our E-catalog above to browse our products. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new partner around the world in the near future.

Hopefully, you are the smartest one!

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