Product Details

DIY PANEL C-PA series different frame color

Product Details
The biggest feature is that customers can make their own great design for the plant picture based on our panel and patented

plastic accessories. The second feature is that plants can be easily changed every week and the package is much smaller and safer

for express.
Hope this new product can do something good for people's eye, health and mood.

ABS holders. Can replace the plant easily.  Specification is as below
Model Panel size (mm) (LXHXD) Frame series plastic holders pre-installed lattice holder holes on panel (Number)
C16-PA4848 480X480X35 PA Yes 4X4 16
C25-PA6060 600X600X35 PA Yes 5X5 25
C35-PA6084 600X840X35 PA Yes 5X7 35
C36-PA7272 720X720X35 PA Yes 6X6 36
C16-PA2496 240X960X35 PA Yes 2x8 16
C24-PA3696 360X960X35 PA Yes 3x8 24
C32-PA4896 480X960X35 PA Yes 4x8 32
C40-PA6096 960X600X35 PA Yes 8X5 40

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Frame Size




Dot arrayDot Qty.
C16T1-WB44C Series600X600

C Series600X800

C Series800X80020mm6X636

C Series1000X60020mm8X540

C Series1200X60020mm9X545

C Series1200X80020mm9x654

C Series1000X1000

C Series1400X600

C Series1400X80020mm10X660
Holder install
Brief instruction of DIY series metope garden install.

* DIY-C series is the same install step as Design-C, the only difference is we offer blueprint for Design-C, customers need do the design work on DIY-C by themselves.