Product Details

DIY Garden Moss Panel 80*80cm with MT-038 moss

Product Details
A 3D metope garden panel is more than just a piece of nature world in your living room! It is exciting, instructive and a real healthy panel that can be constantly changing. Children learn from nature and adults get an exciting alternative to the evening television program , cell phones or computers. Metope garden panels are not labour-intensive, as many people don't know about it or even mistakenly believe! Today, we invent and improve the panels to makes constantly changing, maintenance simple and space-saving.

Please feel free to find out everything about this beautiful panel from us. 

Model Panel size (mm) (LXHXD) Packaging (PCS/CTN) Volume(CBM) Material of panel Frame series Material of frame plastic holders pre-installed lattice holder holes on panel (Number) hooks
on frame
E4-PA2020 200X200X35 10 0.05  High quality Aluminium-composite panel coverred with 3D moss mat (many kinds of moss mat can be choosed) PA PS plastic -wooden frame NO 3X3
E6-PA2030 200X300X35 10 0.07  PA NO 2x3
E8-PA2040 200X400X35 10 0.09  PA NO 2X4
E12-PA2060 200X600X35 10 0.14  PA NO 2X6 12 
E16-PA2080 200X800X35 10 0.18  PA NO 2X8 16 
E20-PA20100 200X1000X35 10 0.22  PA NO 2X10 20 
E9-PA3030 300X300X35 10 0.10  PA NO 3X3
E15-PA3050 300X500X35 6 0.10  PA NO 3X5 15 
E16-PA4040 400X400X35 6 0.11  PA NO 4X4 16 
E25-PA5050 500x500X35 6 0.16  PA NO 5X5 25 
E35-PA5070 500X700X35 6 0.17  PA NO 5X7 35 
E50-PA50100 500X1000X35 6 0.20  PA NO 5X10 50 
E24-PA6040 600X400X35 6 0.16  PA NO 6X4 24 
E36-PA6060 600X600X35 6 0.24  PA NO 6X6 36 
E48-PA6080 600X800X35 4 0.21  PA NO 6X8 48 
E49-PA7070 700X700X35 4 0.21  PA NO 7X7 49 
E32-PA8040 800X400X35 4 0.14  PA NO 8X4 32 
E60-PA10060 1000X600X35 4 0.24  PA NO 10X6 60 
E-64-PA8080 800X800X35 2 0.13  PA NO 8X8 64 
E64-PC8080 800X800X50 2 0.14  PC PC series thicker and luxury PS frame NO 8X8 64 
E100-PC100100 1000X1000X50 2 0.21  PC NO 10X10 100 

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Frame Size




Dot arrayDot Qty.
C16T1-WB44C Series600X600

C Series600X800

C Series800X80020mm6X636

C Series1000X60020mm8X540

C Series1200X60020mm9X545

C Series1200X80020mm9x654

C Series1000X1000

C Series1400X600

C Series1400X80020mm10X660
Holder install
Brief instruction of DIY series metope garden install.

* DIY-C series is the same install step as Design-C, the only difference is we offer blueprint for Design-C, customers need do the design work on DIY-C by themselves.